As a trusted vendor of innovative leaders in the Data Center Industry, we understand the rapidly changing demand you have for customized, quality‐driven critical power equipment

We know you’re trying to develop innovative power infrastructure and distribution systems that help solve the world’s grand‐scale data challenges. Let us help your team by developing the customized critical power equipment you need to realize your goals.

Common challenges our Data Center clients face

  • Smaller footprint or different form‐factor to save rack space and floor space
  • Changes, and more changes that cause delays because vendors can’t keep up
  • Rapid deployment isn’t happening fast enough
  • Simplify equipment design to maximize usability, improve quality, and reduce cost
  • Rising on‐site labor costs that are already too high and continue to rise
  • Poor reliability + high failure rates that create costly downtime
  • Equipment cost is too high because I’m paying for features I don’t need
  • Rack power density continues to increase
  • On‐time delivery with vendors dropping the ball and causing project delays

These significant challenges require significant solutions, whether it’s conquering one or many. We flip the norm—we design and build your equipment around your specs to achieve your user’s maximum usability goals, instead of you having to conform to equipment on the market that likely has features you’ll never use and more importantly is not exactly what you need.

Why work with Powerficient?

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Our commitment to you

As you begin to work with us, you’ll soon realize that we are relentless in ensuring the success of your project and achieving your equipment development goals—nothing is more important to us than your project’s success.

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Structure of Flexibility

Our unique approach to equipment development and successful execution uses a strategically built structure of flexibility that utilizes trusted facilities and strategic partners allowing us to move fast with efficiency and conquer any challenge.

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Having deployed custom critical power equipment to more than a dozen successful hyperscale projects totaling over 167MW—we know what it takes to scale up (and scale down) then scale up again, to support your teams and your projects

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Maximum Usability

Leveraging our core principles of practical innovation and interaction design, our solutions engineers will collaborate with you and your teams to define and incorporate usability goals—ensuring your equipment is engineered to deliver what you need, while enabling purposeful interactions with its users.

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Reliability & SUPPORT

Our continuous quality structure is a pivotal process that ensures the promise of reliability for all equipment we develop and build for your projects. However, know that if an issue does arise, we promise to fix it fast and fix it properly—again, nothing is more important to us than the success of your project.


Pivotal to consistent execution of the aforementioned deliverables, while ensuring a great client experience.

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your project requirements, equipment technical specs, known challenges, and end-user usability goals

Innovate + Design

customized equipment solutions leveraging practical innovation and interaction design—to meet your needs on your timeline


mutually agreed-upon deliverables utilizing this Process, Our Principles of Success and Our Continuous Quality Structure

On-time Delivery

of project deliverables, and most importantly—your customized critical power equipment—based upon mutually clear expectations


you and your teams with a relentless commitment to your project’s success

We lead with responsibility, hold ourselves accountable, strive to anticipate, are committed to continuous improvement, and put genuine care into EVERYTHING we do.

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